Where SAZNow service is available?

Currently the SAZNow service is available in limited areas within Bangalore city, We are increasing our coverage area gradually

Will SAZNow service work on my car?

All SAZNow services can be availed for all car models except for ECU Scan health check (car model year should be later than 2007)

How do I get my SAZNow Car Care Services?

Please download our Android App from Google Play Store using the below link.


What is price of SAZNow health check services?

We are providing many health checkup services depending on scope,  Our SAZNow BASIC health checkup is available at inaugural offer price of INR 250.

How SAZNow health report card delivered to car owner?

SAZNow health card is a report in PDF format and gets delivered electronically to customer’s email address. Customers can see the health report in our SAZNow Android app as well.

Whom to contact to know more details of this service?

Please send your further queries to info@saznow.com or you may reach us at +91-7019973262